Meet the World’s Tallest Dog A Great Dane Named “Zeus”

WORLD’S TALLEST DOG – A Great Dane named “Zeus” marked the Guinness World Record for being the tallest dog across the globe.

Dogs are undeniably among the most intelligent animals in the world. It is the one that can connect to humans emotionally. Have you seen how your dog runs happily to your arms when you get home after the day’s work?

Aside from being loving, dogs are known for its loyalty. It is why it is called as man’s bestfriend as it can be the last living creature standing beside its master no matter what happens. Dog lovers treat them not just as pets but as part of the family.

When it comes to dogs, there are different breeds and each has a set of unique characteristics. One of the known breed is the Great Dane.

Zeus World's Tallest Dog A Great Dane

In fact, it is a Great Dane named “Zeus” that set a record in Guinness as the world’s tallest dog. It was in 2011 when the dog set the record for measuring 44 inches tall. Then, the dog was weighing 155 pounds.

Zeus was owned by a couple and her mother believes that his name which is from Greek mythology really fits him. The world’s tallest dog has a gentle personality and is not a problem with the other animals in their home.

Also, the mother of Zeus shared that the dog gets along well with anyone they cross paths with in the street. He is really comfortable to be with people. For his convenience, his parents got a van.

Zeus is a well-trained dog inside the house. He comes out when he wants to pee and he loves drinking by the faucet. According to Guinness World Record, the world’s tallest dog died in 2014 but he remains to be the largest dog in the global record.

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