Meet the World’s Most Expensive Dog – the “Samoyed” & Its Price

MOST EXPENSIVE DOG BREED – Are you wondering which breed of dog comes as the most pricey among many breeds? It is the Samoyed.

A lot of people are into dogs. In fact, most homes got at least one dog which is considered not as an animal or as a pet but as part of the family. Many people like dogs for their intelligence and loyalty.

Truths be told that among the many types of animals, dogs are those that can really connect to human beings emotionally. Have you seen how happy and excited the dog is whenever its owner arrives home? It does not even matter how long the owner is gone.

Are you one of those people who love dogs? You might be wondering what is the most expensive dog breed in the world. It is the Samoyed.


The Samoyed, the most expensive dog breed in the world, costs $3,000.00. It ranks first when it comes to being the most pricey in most countries across the globe.

Samoyed originated from Siberia. It is known for its kind and loving nature and it is very easy to please. However, based on Prudent Pet, it has the tendency to run away and roam for miles that is why it is important to have them on leash when going outdoors.

Most Expensive Dog - the Samoyed

Samoyed is a breed of dog that is brilliant and social and always seeks attention. It is perfect as a family dog as it is great for both adults and children. Like the other dogs, the maintenance for this breed may need you to prepare an amount as it is prone to health issues like autoimmune diseases and cardiac disorders.

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