How To Calm Dogs from Fireworks this New Year? Here are useful tips…

HOW TO CALM DOGS FROM FIREWORKS – Firecrackers and fireworks are not entertaining to dogs as they are to humans and they can trigger anxiety.

Fireworks can be very stressful to dogs and it is important for dog owners to take extra efforts that could lessen the anxiety of dogs before it results to the dog getting lost and a lot more.

How To Calm Dogs from Fireworks

How to Calm Dogs from Fireworks?

1. Sound Training

You can help your dog get used to the sound of fireworks through a sound training months before the New Year. Download a firework sound effect and play it at a very low level while giving your dog some treats. The next time around, you can play the sound at a higher level while giving treats. Practice it until your dog learns to associate the sound with treats.

How To Calm Dogs from Fireworks

2. Try a dog anxiety vest

Have you seen some dog owners putting a pressure wrap on their dog? Wrap your dog with stretchy fabric on its shoulders and chest but make sure that the tightness does not restrict blood flow.

Dog Anxiety Vest

3. Do a pre-fireworks workout

A tired dog may be less reactive to fireworks. You can take your dog for a walk or play hours before the peak of the firework sessions.

Dog Playing

4. Give your dog its meal ahead and walk it out for potty early

A scared dog may not want to eat or step out for some potty. It is important to schedule your dog’s meal in advance before nightfall when fireworks usually start.

How To Calm Dogs from Fireworks

5. Keep your dog occupied during fireworks

Based on an article on Pet MD, you can provide distraction to your dog like some toys or goodies that can take its attention while the fireworks are ongoing.

Dog Playing

6. Comfort your dog

Among all the ways on how to calm dogs from fireworks, this is one of the most important that should be coupled with any of the other ways to calm your dog. Fireworks can be very stressful to the dog and your furbaby knowing you are just there reassuring it with your presence can help a lot.

How To Calm Dogs from Fireworks

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