Prince Charles’ Net Worth – How Rich Is the Next King of U.K.

PRINCE CHARLES’ NET WORTH – Are you wondering how rich is the Duke of Edinburgh and the next king of the United Kingdom (U.K.)?

Among the wealthy clans across the globe is the British Royal Family. The United Kingdom is led by a monarch, Queen Elizabeth II who is the longest-reining monarch in the history of the country now. She’s in the throne for at least 65 years now.

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has four children – Prince Charles, the Duke of Edinburgh; Prince Andrew, the Duke of York; Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex; and Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.

It was just last month when the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, died at the age of 99 years old. He peacefully died at Windsor Castle after a battle against health problems.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip

During the final ceremony for Prince Philip, his eldest son, Prince Charles, walked after the truck carrying the coffin of his father. Several other members of the Royal family including the late Prince’s grandchildren, Prince William and Prince Harry, also walked.

Prince Philip Burial

Queen Elizabeth II’s heir is Prince Charles. He is the father of Princes William and Harry whose mom, Princess Diana, is already dead due to a car accident.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles

Prince Charles was only three (3) years old when he became the heir of the throne. His previous title was the “Duke of Cornwall”.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George

Based on Celebrity Net Worth, Prince Charles is going to be the oldest to become monarch of the United Kingdom. He was previously offered the Romanian throne but he declined it.

Prince Charles' Net Worth
Prince Charles

Prince Charles’ net worth, like the other members of the Royal family, is also soaring high. They are paid for their duties to the state.

Prince Charles' Net Worth

According to the article, Prince Charles’ net worth is $100 million. With regards to his marriage, there were controversies and allegations of infidelity on both sides.

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