10 Fun Facts about White Sharks Many People Have Yet to Know

FUN FACTS ABOUT WHITE SHARKS – Here are some fun trivia about the great white sharks that many people are not yet aware.

1. Great white sharks are the biggest predatory sharks.

A white shark is usually 4.5 meters long which makes it the biggest predatory shark but, on record, there was a great white shark that measured 7 meters long.

Fun Facts about White Sharks

2. There is only one place where there is surely no white sharks.

Based on Fact Animal, white sharks can be found anywhere in the world except in Antarctica.


3. White sharks are older than dinosaurs.

Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years already and they have excellent evolutionary achievements.

Great White Shark

4. They can control their body temperatures.

The great white shark is a warm-blooded animal meaning it can control its body temperature to adjust to the waters, unlike most sharks that are cold-blooded or unable to control their body temperature.

Great White Shark

5. They can grow up to 200,000 teeth in a lifetime.

Great sharks have up to 300 teeth in a set which are in five (5) rows. The teeth of this warm-blooded animal measure 3.81-6.35cm long.

Fun Facts about White Sharks

6. Great white shark bites the boat to sink it.

Based on the article, the razor teeth of the great white sharks are what they use to sink even rubber boats.

Fun Facts about White Sharks

7. They swim very fast.

Do you know that great white sharks are fast swimmers and they can swim up to 56 kilometers per hour?

Great White Shark

8. They can blend with the surroundings.

Not only insects and birds can camouflage but white sharks as well. One of the fun facts about white sharks is that they can blend with the coastal floors.

Great White Shark

9. They can smell blood from 5 kilometers away.

When it comes to blood, they can detect it even from a distance of up to five (5) kilometers and even in small quantities like just a drop.

Fun Facts about White Sharks

10. They have glow-in-the-dark eyes.

Based on the article, the eyes of the great white shark are glow-in-the-dark as they have a layer of reflective cells behind the retina.

Fun Facts about White Sharks

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