10 Trivia about Banana – You’ll Surely Not Look at This Fruit the Same Way Again

TRIVIA ABOUT BANANA – Here are 10 fascinating things about bananas that will surely make you not look at the fruit the same way again.

1. The police authorities made a thief from Mumbai eat 48 bananas for a reason.

The thief stole a gold chain and in order for the item to be retrieved from him, the cops made him eat 48 bananas to loosen his bowel movements.

Trivia about Banana

2. It may be illegal to eat bananas during a live stream.

For the protection of underaged women, there are limitations when it comes to eating bananas during a live stream in China as per Facts Net.

Trivia about Banana

3. There is another way of ripening bananas fast.

If the banana is too raw or really greenish in color, you may put it inside a paper bag together with a tomato or apple which bears the chemicals that can help it ripen fast.

Ripening Banana

4. Do you know “Banana Man”?

A man identified as Andrew Lawrence or Banana Man won a marathon wearing a banana fruit with a speed that made him finish the race in 2 hours and 47 minutes.

Trivia about Banana

5. Eight bananas in one (1) minute.

Guinness World Records holder Patrick Bertoletti makes a record by peeling and eating eight (8) bananas in just a minute.

Patrick Bertoletti

6. Alexander the Great discovered banana crops.

Based on the article, one of the trivia about banana is that a crop of the fruit was discovered by Alexander the Great in the Indian valleys.

Trivia about Banana

7. The first bananas may have grown in the Philippines and Indonesia.

It is believed that the first bananas were grown in specific regions in Asia. These are believed to be the Philippines and Indonesia.

Banana Plant

8. A matured banana plant stops producing new leaves.

Unlike most plants that keep on producing leaves, a banana plant stops producing leaves when it reaches maturity and grows a flower spike instead.

Banana Plant

9. It is the only fruit that can help in serotonin production.

Based on the article, one of the best trivia about banana is that it is the only fruit that can help produce serotonin which is a mood stabilizer.

Trivia about Banana

10. The inside of a banana peel can help ease an inflamed bug bite.

The banana skin contains natural oils that can help alleviate the irritation caused by a bug bite.

Banana Peel

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