12 Types of Ice Cream You’ll Surely Love To Try

TYPES OF ICE CREAM – Are you a lover of ice cream? There are at least 12 types of this food across the globe.

1. Gelato

This delicious ice cream was made by Italian stage designer Bernardo Buontalenti. The word “gelato” means frozen in the Italian language. It is made of whole milk, sugar, and cream. What makes it different is that it is stored between 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the air from penetrating the mixture.

Gelato - Types of Ice Cream

2. Mochi Ice Cream

Many people are familiar and love the Japanese ice cream “Mochi”. It was in the 1980s that this dessert was invented.

Mochi Ice Cream

3. Glace

France’s classic ice cream is “Glace”. It is made from egg custards, gelatin, cream, milk, and sugar. Meanwhile, there are different types of glace ice cream enjoyed by the French people.


4. “J” Cone

South Korea’s popular ice cream is the “J” Cone – as its name suggests, it is served in a cone that is like the letter J. The most popular “J” Cone ice cream is the Jipangyi.

“J” Cone - Types of Ice Cream

4. Dondurma

The ice cream offer of Turkey is Dondurma. Based on Facts Net, it is also called “Maras ice cream” because it was first made in Maras, a city in Turkey. It is made of whipped cream, mastic, salep, and sugar.


5. Spaghettieis

This is one of the most unique types of ice cream you’ll surely encounter. Made in Germany, this ice cream really looks like spaghetti for kids.


6. Halvah

In Middle East, the most prominent ice cream is Halvah. It is made of sugar, eggs, cream, halva, and is topped with different kinds of nuts.

Halvah - Types of Ice Cream

7. Kulfi

In India, their ice cream is called “Kulfi” and it is made by boiling the ingredients and freezing them unlike how most ice creams are made when the ingredients are just mixed and frozen.

Kulfi - Types of Ice Cream

8. Pagoto

Greeks love desserts and one of those they enjoy is pagoto, an ice cream. It has over 200 different flavors that you can choose from.


9. Tim Pad

This ice cream in Thailand has three flavors – vanilla, matcha, and strawberry. Based on the article, the ice cream ingredients are thoroughly mixed in an ice pad to incorporate the air before rolling it.

Tim Pad - Types of Ice Cream

10. Fried Ice Cream

Also one of the unique types of ice cream is fried ice cream which originated in China. It is made by coating a scope of frozen solid ice cream in butter and deep-frying it.

Fried Ice Cream

11. Sorbetes

The pride of the Philippines when it comes to ice cream is the sorbetes. They are colorful ice cream that uses cow’s milk and sold by vendors who would usually go around the streets ringing a bell.

Sorbetes - Types of Ice Cream

12. Paletas

Have you tried ice cream in Mexico? It is called paletas and part of the ingredients in making it is mango or strawberry. It is made of milk, water, and condensed milk.

Paletas - Types of Ice Cream

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