10 Amazing Facts About Horse You Probably Yet To Know

FACTS ABOUT HORSE – One of the most popular animal is horse but much of the details about it are not very popular to the people.

Aside from elephant, another popular animal is the horse. This hoofed mammal is known even to very young children and the first animal to come in mind when asked about one that starts with letter “H”.

In fact, many people has a goal of experiencing a horseback riding at least once in a lifetime. There are a lot of venues that offer the said activity. Usually, it is part of the activities available in tourist destinations.

However, despite the prominence of horse, there are many amazing facts about horse that a lot of people are not aware of. Based on an article in SPCA, here are some things you probably yet to know:

1. How horses breathe?

Unlike humans and other animals, horses are “obligate nose breathers”. This means that they can only breathe through their nose and not in a way using their mouth.

Facts About Horse

2. Can horses sleep while standing?

Yes. Horses are sometimes standing but they are actually asleep. This is called “stay apparatus”, a condition wherein a horse can lock its legs to remain in a certain position for a long period of time.


3. How fast are the reflexes of a horse?

The reflexes of a horse is as fast as a lightning based on the article. They can give a very powerful kick in just 0.3 seconds. Humans usually take at least 1.6 seconds before making a reaction.


4. How many muscles do horses have in their ears?

There are different muscles in the ears of horses – actually, 10 of them. Humans only have three (3).

Facts About Horse

5. How about the field of vision of horses?

One of the amazing facts about horse is its field vision. It takes 360 degree as these are positioned on the sides of the animal’s head.

Facts About Horse

6. Have you noticed the teeth of a horse?

Not many people noticed that horses actually have no teeth in the middle.


7. Are horses intelligent?

A horse is a smart animal and they can even be trained using a clicker training and a positive reinforcement.

Facts About Horse

8. Was the ancestor of the horse recorded?

Based on the article, the earliest ancestor of the horse was recorded around 6000 years ago based on the evidences at archeological sites.


9. Is it true that the pelvis of horse is fixed?

Yes. Horses have fixed pelvis thus they cannot do splits. Meanwhile, they have some lateral movements thus they can scratch their ears using their hind feet.

Facts About Horse

10. Are horses social animals?

Although it is quite not obvious to humans, horses do well in a pack. They benefit from a strong relationship with each other.


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