FACTS ABOUT SHEEP – 10 Things Many People Don’t Know About Them

FACTS ABOUT SHEEP – Here is a list of ten (10) things that many people are not aware about sheep despite it being a prominent animal.

Also one of the most popular animals in the world even to kids is the sheep. However, it is not as common in the eyes as dogs and cats. There are also many facts about the sheep that is quite unknown to many people.

1. Terms

Male sheep are called rams while female sheep are ewes. When a female sheep gives birth, the process is called “lambing”. A group of sheep is flock.

Facts About Sheep

2. New-born sheep can stand

Unlike other four-legged animals, a new born sheep can stand upon birth. Also, it doesn’t take long before it joins the flock in walking.


3. Sheep got rectangular pupils

Just like goats, sheep has a rectangular pupil thus it can see 270 to 320 field of vision. Their vision almost covers everything around them except for what is behind them.

Facts About Sheep

4. Sheep got superb sense of smell.

Based on an article in SPCA, sheep gave scent glands even in their feet and eyes.

Side profile of a sheep’s face

5. More than 1000 breeds of sheep across the globe

There are several breeds of sheep in the world including the Navajo-Churro which can grow up to six (6) horns and the racka sheep which has spiral horns.


6. Excellent memories

A study found that a sheep can memorize up to 50 faces of other sheep and it can last up to two (2) years.

Facts About Sheep

7. Sheep are emotionally complex

Based on the article, like humans, sheep have the ability to feel different kinds of emotions. A study found that it can feel bored, afraid, and sad.


8. Sociable animal

Sheep are highly sociable and they work well in a group. They can also sense the emotions of other sheep around them.

Facts About Sheep

9. They do not have teeth in their upper front jaw

Based on the article, sheep don’t have teeth in their upper front jaw. When it is eating, its lower teeth presses up against the upper palate to breakdown the food.


10. Sheep can treat themselves

Sheep use plants and other substances to treat themselves and they even teach their young ones to treat themselves.

Facts About Sheep

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