Golden Retriever Facts – 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about this Breed

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GOLDEN RETRIEVER BREED – Here are ten (10) things you probably don’t know about the popular dog breed, Golden Retriever.

When it comes to dog breeds, there are a lot of them but some are undeniably more popular than others. Most of them are known because of a certain character or trait of the breed. Let us say for example the Golden Retriever – they are known for being friendly and intelligent, aren’t they?

However, there are actually a lot of other significant Golden Retriever facts aside from their being friendly and intelligent. You might like to know these amazing things.

10 Golden Retriever Facts

1. Golden Retrievers are from Scotland.

This breed of dog was initially known to come from Russian circus dogs but, based on American Kennel Club, the records of Lord Tweedmouth of Inverness showed that they are from Scotland.

Golden Retriever Facts