Trivia about Rabbits – 10 Surprising Things about Bunnies

TRIVIA ABOUT RABBITS – Do you find bunnies cute and are planning to buy at least one (1) to pet at home? There are things you should know about this cute animal.

1. Having only one bunny means a lonely bunny.

Rabbits are among the animals that enjoy the company of their fellows. It can be extremely sad if you will only keep one of them.


2. How long is its life span?

Based on an article on Blue Cross, rabbits can live between eight (8) to twelve (12) years. It is one of the considerations in getting bunnies.

Trivia about Rabbits

3. They are excellent hearers.

One of the amazing trivia about rabbits is that they have excellent hearing as they can turn 180 degrees to the location where the sound is coming from.


4. Rabbits got excellent vision aside from their super hearing.

Although bunnies are born with closed eyes, a few months after their eyes open, they can enjoy an almost 360-degree vision.

Trivia about Rabbits

5. Bunnies are close to each other regardless of breed.

There are several breeds of rabbits and some of them just stay in the wild. Unlike other animals wherein the domesticated ones may not bond well with those in the wild, bunnies are really friendly towards one another.


6. How do they communicate?

Based on the article, rabbits communicate using a secret code through facial muscles and their bodily movements.

Trivia about Rabbits

7. Rabbits are kittens?

It may sound surprising and this is probably one of the least familiar trivia about rabbits – the baby bunnies are called “kittens”. The female rabbit is called “doe” and the male rabbit is called “buck”.

Trivia about Rabbits

8. They are not good friends with guinea pigs.

While rabbits are very friendly to their fellows even those in the wild, they don’t make a perfect pair in one cage with guinea pigs. Experts believe that they communicate differently and the bunnies can injure the small guinea pigs.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs

9. Bunnies are banned in some ferries.

Based on the article, there is a legend that rabbits being transported for food chewed the ship causing the death of several sailors. Thus, there are ferries that do not allow bunnies.


10. They usually have overgrown teeth.

The overgrown teeth are undeniably the most popular facial characteristic of a rabbit. Some bunny owners had frequent trips to the vet due to tooth problems of their pets.

Rabbits teeth

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