10 Facts About German Shepherd that Only GSD Owners Know

FACTS ABOUT GERMAN SHEPHERD – Here are ten (10) surprising things about German Shepherd that only GSD owners are usually aware of.

One of the dog breeds that many people admire is the German Shepherd. This breed is usually appealing to men and it is often trained to be a part of the authorities’ canine unit.

Despite its prominence, there are many things about the German Shepherd that many people are not aware of. Most of these surprising facts about German Shepherd are only known to GSD owners.

1. Explores everything using their noses

According to American Kennel Club, German Shepherds would sniff everywhere and it tops the list when it comes to scenting ability. That is why they are usually part of the police or detective units.

Facts About German Shepherd

2. Incredibly smart

Aside from its top scenting ability, GSDs can be trained well using mentally-stimulating toys, positive reinforcements, and play brain-challenging games.


3. Exhibits protectiveness

Most dogs are really protective of their owners but in the case of the GSD, it is important to socialize it well so it can be comfortable outdoors. There is a tendency that it can be very protective if not socialized well.

Facts About German Shepherd

4. Provides constant companionship

German Shepherd is one of the dog breeds that always sticks by the side of their owners. Despite their abilities as guard dogs and watch dogs, they can be gentle and loving to their families.


5. A mouthy breed

The German Shepherd uses its mouth as a hand – a heritage of this breed of dog. It may chew anything that can fit inside its mouth.

Facts About German Shepherd

6. German Shepherd sheds

German Shepherds also shed. They actually have a double coat with medium size length of fur.

Facts About German Shepherd

7. German Shepherds are versatile

The GSD is not only a guard dog or a watch dog but it can also be a working dog. Its built is also suited for sports.


8. They are super active

If you own a GSD, it is important to consider the physical activities it needs as it is super active. Taking it to long walks and doing other activities that can use its energy is one way to get away from problem out of stored energy.

Facts About German Shepherd

9. Members of herding group

Also one of the surprising facts about German Shepherd is that this dog breed belongs to a herding group. It can be in a group and even herd some members of your family.


10. They are loving companions

Quite not known to many because of their strict look is that German Shepherds are loving companions. According to AKC, they love to be around their hooman and may show aloofness to people they don’t know.


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