Facts About Chow Chow – 10 Surprising Things About this Fluffy Dog Breed

FACTS ABOUT CHOW CHOW – Here is a list of ten (10) surprising things about chow chow which is one of the fluffy dog breeds in the world.

A lot of people are dog lovers. Many are fascinated and hooked by the loyalty and the love that dogs can give to their hoomans. Truths be told that out of the many kinds of animals, dog is one of the few that can connect to a person emotionally. Have you seen how excited it is when you get home?

When it comes to dogs, there are different breeds. One of the breeds that many people are in love with is chow chow – a fluffy breed. Despite its prominence, there are several facts about chow chow that many people yet to know.

1. Chow chow is an old breed.

Based on an article in Mental Floss, the chow chow is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that is around for 2000 to 3000 years now. Historians believe that Marco Polo wrote about them in his travels.

Facts about chow chow

2. They are working dogs.

The chow chow is considered native in China where it was used as a working dog. It is trained to hunt, guard, pull sled, and, in some cases, herd cattle.


3. Its name did not originate in China.

Although the name “chow chow” feels like a Chinese name, based on the article, in China, this breed of dog is called “songshi quan”. The term “chow chow” is Pidgin-English.

Facts about chow chow

4. Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud had a chow.

One of the most popular psychoanalyst is Sigmund Freud who had a chow he named “Jofi”.


5. They have two (2) extra teeth.

Most dogs only have 42 teeth when they reach adulthood. One of the amazing facts about chow chow is that it has two (2) extra teeth making the total to 44 – giving this fluffy breed a toothy grin.

Facts about chow chow

6. Chow chow has blue-black tongue.

One of the most distinct features of a chow chow is its uniquely-colored tongue. When a chow puppy is born, it has pink tongue like the other breed of puppies but it turns darker as it age until it gets to a blue-black tongue.


7. It has a variety of coats.

Some chow chows might be fluffier than the others because there is a variety of coats. Some have a rough coat while others have smooth one.

Facts about chow chow

8. Chow chows may drown in water.

Most dogs are excellent swimmers but chow chow should not be placed near water. Based on the article, it has the tendency to drown because of its fluffy fur that can drag it down when its wet.


9. It has straight back legs.

Chow chows have a stilted gait when standing because of its straight back legs.

Facts about chow chow

10. Chow chows are distrustful of new people.

On the other side of their fluffy look that is very hard to resist is the fact that chow chows are distrustful. They can be aggressive to strangers.


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