Facts about Maltese – 10 Surprising Facts about this Dog Breed

FACTS ABOUT MALTESE – Here are ten (10) surprising things about the maltese, a breed of dog that belongs to the toy group.

Many people are into dog breeds that belong to the toy group. Most of these individuals are women but there are now a lot of men that love these small dogs that fit indoors even without cages.

However, truth be told that their cuteness sometimes makes people look past some of the amazing things about them – just like maltese. There are several facts about Maltese that many are not aware of.

10 Facts about Maltese

1. Maltese came from Malta

Based on an article on ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Maltese originated from Malta which is a small island region in Sicily, Italy.

Facts about Maltese

2. They are sophisticated

This breed of dog that belongs to the toy group is best known for its opulence and sophistication.


3. They are expensive dogs.

Based on the article, Maltese dogs are sold at huge prices that, in as early as 1500s, it had been sold at $2,000.00.

Facts about Maltese

4. Royalties love Maltese.

Royalties including Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots both had Maltese dogs at their palaces.


5. Maltese dogs are hypoallergenic.

Just like Poodles and Bichon Frise, Maltese dogs are hypoallergic making them great companions for individuals who love dogs but have allergies towards fur.

Facts about Maltese

6. They are picky eaters

One of the facts about Maltese is that it is the breed of dog that belongs to those so-called “picky eaters”. Based on the article, it is probably because of their silver spoon heritage.


7. Their black nose can turn pink. Why?

Based on the article, if a Maltese dog does not get enough sun, its cute black button nose may turn pink. The same thing may happen if it is in heat.

Facts about Maltese

8. Maltese dogs can be excellent therapy dogs

One of the best things about dogs is that they can be the best therapists. The small size and loving personality of Maltese make it an excellent dog for therapy.


9. Its personality

While a dog’s personality depends on its environment, most Maltese dogs share the same traits of being obedient, affectionate, smart, trusting, loving, and gentle.

Facts about Maltese

10. Their appearance

A Maltese dog has brown eyes, a black nose, a slightly-rounded head, floppy ears, a compact body, sloping shoulders, and a tufted tail that curls backward.


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