10 Kangaroo Trivia Many People Don’t Know

KANGAROO TRIVIA – Here is a list of ten (10) jaw-dropping facts about kangaroos many people are actually not aware of.

1. Mob

While a group of pugs is called grumble and a group of fishes swimming together is called a shoal, a group of kangaroos is called “mob”.

Kangaroo Trivia

2. Boomer and Jill

While the term “lion” refers to the male lion while the female one is called “lioness”, a male kangaroo is called “boomer” while a female kangaroo is called “jill”.

male kangaroo

3. Marsupials

Kangaroos are marsupials or an animal that carry their child in a pouch. It is something that makes them unique from all the other animals.

Kangaroo Trivia

4. Joeys

While there are terms for a male kangaroo, a female kangaroo, and a group of kangaroo, there is also a term for a baby kangaroo and the animal is called “joey”.

Baby Kangaroo

5. Kangaroos are herbivores

Kangaroos eat only grass and leaves and, based on an article on GoEco, they hardly release methane unlike most cattle.


6. A lot of kangaroos in Australia

Kangaroos are native to Australia. Based on the article, there are kangaroos in Australia compared with the human population.

Kangaroo Trivia

7. Kangaroos were involved in night accidents

Many insurance companies don’t cover vehicle accidents between dusk and dawn because it is the time when there is a higher chance for an accident to happen. Based on the article, 80% of car collision at night involves kangaroos.

Kangaroo Australia

8. Kangaroo meat

The meat of kangaroo is considered healthier and a better option compared with any other meat. They are usually hunted for their meat and skin.

Kangaroo Trivia

9. There are many types of Kangaroo

There are different types of kangaroo including the red kangaroo, the eastern grey kangaroo, the antilopine kangaroo, and the western grey kangaroo.

Female Kangaroo

10. Are they endangered?

There is no clear answer to this because there are factors that affect their population – the hunting for their skin and meat, global warming, and cases of a kangaroo being aggressive.

Kangaroo Trivia

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