12 Leaf Arts by Pinoy Artist that are Truly Fascinating!!!

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LEAF ARTS – A Pinoy leaf artist, Mary Mae Aguilo Dacanay, has at least 12 masterpieces that will surely leave anyone jaw-dropped.

Among the gifted people in the world are the “artists”. However, the term does not refer to only one (1) group of people – there are individuals who are into drawing while others are into painting. Furthermore, others love to do their art on papers, canvasses, or walls while there are a few who do it on leaves – one of the few is Mary Mae Aguilo Dacanay.

MM Dacanay

The works of Mary Mae have been featured by different media networks several times already. She would usually make an art leaf everytime there is a significant occasion being celebrated or a national commemoration of a certain event. Here are the photos of some of her jaw-dropping leaf arts posted on Facebook: