12 Leaf Arts by Pinoy Artist that are Truly Fascinating!!!

LEAF ARTS – A Pinoy leaf artist, Mary Mae Aguilo Dacanay, has at least 12 masterpieces that will surely leave anyone jaw-dropped.

Among the gifted people in the world are the “artists”. However, the term does not refer to only one (1) group of people – there are individuals who are into drawing while others are into painting. Furthermore, others love to do their art on papers, canvasses, or walls while there are a few who do it on leaves – one of the few is Mary Mae Aguilo Dacanay.

MM Dacanay

The works of Mary Mae have been featured by different media networks several times already. She would usually make an art leaf everytime there is a significant occasion being celebrated or a national commemoration of a certain event. Here are the photos of some of her jaw-dropping leaf arts posted on Facebook:

1. Last Supper

This is one of the latest lead arts that she has made. Mary Mae did this in just three (3) hours on a leaf of a jackfruit tree. The masterpiece was done during the Holy Thursday.

Last Supper

2. Jesus Christ on the Cross

Here is an art leaf of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross which is also part of the masterpieces done by the Pinoy artist during the Holy Week.

Jesus Christ in the Cross

3. Atom Araullo

Mary Mae also did an art leaf of GMA-7 news broadcaster Atom Araullo. This was framed and given to the news anchor.

Atom Araullo - Leaf Arts

4. Maki Pulido

GMA-7 news broadcaster Maki Pulido was also gifted by Mary Mae with an art leaf of her put in a picture frame.

Maki Pulido - Leaf Arts

5. Save the Earth

The Pinoy leaf artist also made an art leaf that is in line with the call to save Mother Nature.

Save the Earth

6. Palm Sunday

Here is another work of Mary Mae during the Holy Week 2022.

Palm Sunday

7. Pray for Ukraine

Mary Mae is one of the Filipinos whose attention was hooked by Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. It is a global concern that earned condemnation from a lot of nations. Several giant companies stopped their operations in Russia.

Pray for Ukraine - Leaf Arts

8. Jesus Carries the Cross

Another religious work of art of Mary Mae Dacanay is an art leaf of Jesus Christ carrying the Cross.

Jesus Carries the Cross - Leaf Arts

9. St. Padre Pio

The Pinoy leaf artist also made a beautiful leaf art of St. Padre Pio who is known for his healing miracles.

St. Padre Pio - Leaf Arts

10. Women’s Day

A woman herself, Mary Mae also joined the international celebration of Women’s Day through her magnificent artwork.

Women's Day

11. Jesus Fell Down

Mary Mae also did a leaf art of Jesus Christ when He fell down while carrying the Cross on the way to Mr. Calvary.

Jesus Fell Down - Leaf Arts

12. Day of Valor

And here is another work of art that was made during the celebration of the Day of Valor or, in the Philippines, known as the Araw ng Kagitingan celebrated every April 9.

Day of Valor

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