10 Mind-Blowing Grasshopper Facts You May Have Yet To Know

GRASSHOPPER FACTS – Here are ten (10) mind-blowing trivia about grasshoppers – they are more than just their cute jumps!

1. Their ears are in their abdomens.

One of the surprising grasshopper facts is that their ears can be found in their abdomens, just below their wings. They got eardrums called tympana that can hear the sounds of their fellows.


2. Grasshoppers got 3 stages of development.

Based on an article on Facts Net, grasshoppers develop from egg to nymph to an adult grasshopper. The female insects lay eggs in fall and they hatch in the spring.


3. They can actually fly.

Also one of the grasshopper facts that is quite unknown is that they can actually fly. They may be known for jumping but they are actually great fliers.

Grasshopper Facts

4. Grasshoppers can jump a length of a football field.

Based on the article, a grasshopper has the ability to jump 20 times the length of their bodies.

Grasshopper Facts

5. They are diurnal animals.

This type of insect are diurnals, they rest at night and they have their activities during daytime. They need sunlight to raise their body temperature.


6. Grasshoppers got five (5) eyes!

One of the mind-blowing grasshopper facts is that, unlike most insects, grasshoppers got five eyes. They have two large eyes on each side of their head and three (3) smaller – one at the base of each antenna and one between the two (2) antennae.

Grasshopper Facts

7. Why do they spit brown juice?

Have you noticed the grasshopper spitting brown juice? It is actually their defense mechanism.

Grasshopper Facts

8. They are older than dinosaurs.

Fossils of grasshoppers were found to be older than dinosaurs. Some of the grasshopper nymphs were even preserved.


9. Some of them consume toxins.

While toxins must be avoided by most animals, some grasshoppers actually eat toxic plants and it benefits them instead of harming them. They can use it to defend themselves.

Grasshopper Facts

10. They are considered lucky in Japan.

Based on the article, in Japan, grasshoppers are considered as a sign of luck. The green insect is associated with growth, health, new beginnings, nature, sentimentality, adventure, and rejuvenation.


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