Facts About Elephants? Here Are 10 Amazing Things Many Don’t Know About Them

FACTS ABOUT ELEPHANTS – Here are 10 amazing facts that many people actually do not know about the gentle giants, the Elephant.

One of the most popular animal on Earth is elephant – it is despite the fact that it only exists in some countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Zimbabwe, and Laos.

The elephant is known as a circus animal. It is one of the animals that is popular even among children below five (5) years of age. Truths be told that it is what comes to the mind of many when asked about an animal that starts with letter “E”.

Facts About Elephants

However, many things about elephants are not yet so known to the public. There are amazing facts about elephants which will surely move you – like how they can be identified through their ears.

1. Elephants’ ears tell their kind

Based on an article on WWF, you can tell if an elephant is an African if it has large ears with the shape of the African continent. If its ears have the shape of the Indian continent, it is an Asian elephant.

Facts About Elephants

2. Elephant trunks differ, too!

Also one of the amazing facts about the elephants are their trunks. If there are two (2) fingers at the tip of the trunk, the elephant is African. If there is only one (1), it is an Asian.


3. Elephants use their trunks when swimming

When they are swimming, elephants use their trunks like they are snorkeling. They also use it to suck up water for drinking. They can hold up to eight (8) liters of water.


4. Their tusks are teeth

Elephants have one (1) or two (2) tusks depending on their type. These are actually teeth. Based on the article, they are inscisor type of teeth.

Facts About Elephants

5. Elephants have thick skin

The skin of the elephant is up to 2.5 centimeters thick. It can hold up to 10x more water than the flat skin. It cools down elephants.


6. They eat constantly.

An elephant can eat up to 150 kilograms of food or equivalent to 375 cans of baked beans.


7. Elephants communicate through vibrations

The bones of the elephants can detect vibrations in the ground caused by sounds. They can also communicate in several other ways like trumpet calls.

8. Calves can stand in just 20 minutes since delivery.

Unlike other animals, in just twenty (20) minutes since birth, calves or baby elephants can already stand. Based on the article, after an hour, they can already walk.

Facts About Elephants

9. They never forget.

Compared to the temporal lobe of humans, the part that is linked to memory, elephant has a bigger lobe thus they are known to “never forget”.


10. 90% of African Elephants were wiped out.

Most were because of ivory trade, around 90% of the elephants were wiped out in the past Century.

Facts About Elephants