12 Interesting Facts that Will Surely Blow Your Mind

INTERESTING FACTS – You will surely believe that there are still a lot of unknown facts out there after reading these 12 mind-blowing facts.

1. There is a trick to know if this month got Friday the 13th.

Months that begin on a Sunday will always have the 13th day of it falling on a Friday – or the Friday the 13th that is usually tied to a lot of mysterious events.

Friday the 13th - Interesting Facts

2. Disneyland is a churros factory.

Based on Facts Net, annually, at least 2.8 million churros are served in Disneyland, a happy place not only for kids but even for many adults.

Disneyland Churros

3. What is the first color that is seen by a baby?

Based on the article, the first color that can be seen by a baby is red. Neutrals which are white and black can also be seen by an infant.

Red toys

4. Being color blind is not an all-time disadvantage.

Some people are color blind or got this condition wherein they can’t identify colors correctly but they also have an edge at night when they can see more clearly than people with normal visions.

color blind

5. There are colors that stimulate hunger.

Based on the article, colors yellow and red are hunger stimulators. Have you noticed the brand logo of several fast food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, Popeyes, and Chick-fil-a?

KFC, Jollibee, McDo - Interesting Facts

6. White chocolate is not really a chocolate.

White chocolates are not really chocolates as they don’t contain solid cocoa but, instead, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.

White chocolate

7. What is the longest word with only one syllable?

Many people would surely love to keep in mind this word with only one syllable – “Scraunched” which refers to making a loud sound.


8. Coffee beans are bad breath remedies.

Coffee beans are odor neutralizers but you need to chew them should you wish to cure bad breath.

Coffee beans - Interesting Facts

9. Crayola has a “flesh” color with a different name.

The “flesh” color of Crayola, the most popular brand of crayons, was named Peach.

Crayola - Interesting Facts

10. How long before a silence is considered awkward?

One of the interesting facts is that, in the United States, a silence is considered awkward if it has reached four (4) seconds.


11. Most of your house dust are dead skin.

Based on the article, one of the interesting facts on the list is that most of the dust at home is actually your dead skin because a person loses 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute.


12. Where did the name Adidas come from?

One of the most popular shoe brands across the globe is Adidas which came from Adolf Dassler, the company owner.

Adidas - Interesting Facts

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