LIST: Softdrinks & the Level of Acidity of Each Soda

Guide on Softdrinks & Their Acidity Level

SOFTDRINKS – Here is a list of the different kind of soda and the level of acidity of each.

Many people are undeniably into drinking softdrinks or soda. Truths be told that it is known that sodas are unhealthy but many people could not stop from taking it.

There are different kinds of soda. In the Philippines, the most popular are Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Royal which are produced by the Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi, Mt. Dew, and 7Up which are made by Pepsi Company.

Softdrinks Coca-Cola, Pepsi

It is no secret to the public that softdrinks are among the acidic drinks. Its level of acidity makes it an unhealthy drink that can cause digestive problems.

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A soda may trigger acid reflux which can further lead to heartburn. It can also cause a spike in the blood sugar level of a person and lead to diabetes. Diabetic individuals who really can’t stop drinking it choose the ones with zero sugar or “light” sodas.

Coke Zero

However, while the sugar can be adjusted for people with diabetes, acid is really part of a soda. It cannot be taken away. Not all sodas have the same acidity level.


Based on an article in Leaf, acidity is measured using a pH scale of 0-14. The more the pH level is closer 0, the more acidic the drink is. The pH level that is considered neutral is 7 – which water falls. Here’s a list of the pH level of the different soda drinks:

  • Coca-Cola – 2.52
  • Pepsi – 2.53
  • 7Up – 3.20
  • Mountain Dew – 3.22
  • Sprite 3.29
Coca-Cola Products

Among the listed softdrinks, the most acidic is Coca-Cola but all of them are actually acidic. Based on the article, one of the effects of drinking acidic drinks like sodas is its effect on the enamel of the teeth. The enamel is the one that gives the teeth its unique color.

It is at the pH level of 5.50 that the enamel of the teeth may start to dissolve. Not only softdrinks but as well as juices have acid. The key is to take them moderately.

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