These Famous Celebrities Died without A Last Will Despite Huge Wealth

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FAMOUS CELEBRITIES WITHOUT A LAST WILL – Here are some of the popular personalities in different fields who died without leaving a will amid their huge wealth.

1. Martin Luther King Jr.

The civil rights leader and activist, Martin Luther King Jr., died without a Last Will and Testament. He gave away his Nobel Peace Prize which amounted $50,000. His estate were left under the control of his children, Bernice, Dexter, and Martin Luther King III.

In 2014, Dexter and Martin III voted for the selling of the Bible that the late civil rights leader used to carry along with him and his Nobel Peace Prize medal. However, Bernice who had those items went against his siblings’ call. In 2016, a judge ordered for the release of the items and they were up for sale.

Famous Celebrities Died without A Last Will