10 Facts About Rottweiler Many People Don’t Know About the Breed

FACTS ABOUT ROTTWEILER – Although it is a popular breed, there are several facts about rottweilers that many people are not aware of the breed.

Many people know about rottweiler, a dog breed that is famous for its black and tan color, body with compact built, and big head. However, apart from its popular physical appearance, there are some facts that are quite unknown to a lot of people about this dog breed.

1. Their country of origin

While rottweilers are popularly known to be a native breed in Germany, based on an article on Puppy Toob, this dog breed’s origin is not Germany but Rome. It is believed that Romans brought this dog breed to Germany when they inhabited the country for the first time.

Facts About Rottweiler

2. Trains affect their population

Rottweilers are not only guard dogs but as well as working dogs. They were used in transporting goods but when the train was invented, many people stopped breeding this dog breed.


3. Rottweilers are great police dogs

The built of this dog breed and their mental capacity made the authorities realize they can be excellent police dogs.

Facts About Rottweiler

4. Rottweilers have been in the U.S. for a short time

Although rottweiler is a popular dog breed across the globe, based on the article, its existence in the United States did not last for very long since the 1920s. The reason is unknown.


5. It is a strong dog breed

One of the dog breeds known for its strength is the rottweiler. Aside from being a police dog, it was also bred to pull carts and to help in the farm work.

Facts About Rottweiler

6. Rottweilers are obedient

This breed of dog performed well in the obedience contests. When bred right and well-balanced, it can really be a great “buddy”.


7. They usually live up to 11 years

The average life span of dogs that are like the size of rottweilers is 11 years provided they have the proper diet and they are living in a healthy environment.

Facts About Rottweiler

8. They can be very heavy

Based on the article, rottweilers can weigh up to 100 pounds or more. An obedience training is really an edge considering that its weight is a challenge to manhandle if the dog is not disciplined.


9. Rottweilers have a waterproof undercoat

This breed of dog has two coats – the outer coat is what you see and, based on the article, the undercoat is the one that is waterproof – one of the surprising facts about the rottweiler.

Facts About Rottweiler

10. Rottweilers are intelligent dogs

This breed of dog can understand commands and their thinking capacity can be surprising. They need mental stimulation being intelligent dogs as they may get bored easily.


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