10 Kinds of Betta Fish that are Too Beautiful Not To See

KINDS OF BETTA FISH – Here are ten (10) types of betta fish that are too beautiful not to see whether you are into fish or not.

1. Double Tail Betta

It is a Siamese fighting fish that has two tails as suggested by its name. The double tail is a result of genetic mutation. However, they usually have a shorter lifespan compared with other fishes due to the mutation.

Double Tail Betta - Kinds of Betta Fish

2. Half Moon Betta

Are you amazed by the beautiful tail of this fish that seems to spread? It is unique, isn’t it? Based on an article on facts Net, it is a 180-degree tail that resembles a semi-circle. However, it is also an aggressive fish.

Half Moon Betta

3. Rosetail or Feathertail Betta

Also one of the kinds of betta fish is the rosetail but it is a mutation of the half-moon betta with its tail having similarities with the petals of rose.

Rosetail (Feathertail) Betta

4. Veiltail Betta

Here is another betta fish you might have yet to see – the Veiltail Betta. It is one of the least aggressive betta fish and it moves gracefully up and down. It comes in different colors.

Veiltail Betta

5. Betta Mahachaiensis

This type of betta fish has a huge population only in the Gulf of Thailand. Their lifespan is usually between five (5) to seven (7) years.

Betta Mahachaiensis - Kinds of Betta Fish

6. Round Tail or Fan Tail Betta

They are usually mistaken as plakat bettas because of their similar bodies. They have short fins with sharp edges and it form the letter “D” shape.

Round Tail (Fan Tail) Betta - Kinds of Betta Fish

7. Betta Smaragdina

Most betta fishes are aggressive as they are fighting fishes but Betta Smaragdina can be placed in groups. Based on the article, in case it is placed in pairs, there must be caves and plant life inside the aquarium.

Betta Smaragdina

8. Peaceful Betta

Have you seen a peaceful betta? They are more docile and sociable compared to other betta fishes.

Peaceful Betta

9. Alien Betta Fish

Not all “aliens” are ugly as the alien betta fish which is patterned with black stripes and luminous colors proves it. They are a product of crossbreeding two (2) different bettas.

Alien Betta Fish

10. Red Dragon Betta

Based on the article, there is also a white betta with red fins – the Red Dragon Betta. It is best matched with an orange betta fish to produce rare bettas.

Red Dragon Betta - Kinds of Betta Fish

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