12 Cuts of Steak You Might Love To Know + Photos

CUTS OF STEAK – Here are twelve (12) photos showing the different slices of steak you will surely love to know.

1. Strip Steak

This cut comes from the lower back of the cattle and it is done in a stripping way. It may be bone-in strip steak that still has the spine bone intact or boneless strip steak which no longer has the spine bone.

Strip Steak - Cuts of Steak

2. T-Bone Steak

This cut is a combination of the tenderloin muscles and the strip muscles. It has a T-shaped bone which suggested its name.

T-Bone Steak

3. Tenderloin

This is usually the cut for “Filet Mignon” which is composed of small, round steak from the tenderloin. It is cut from the loin section along the cow’s spine.

Tenderloin - Cuts of Steak

4. Porterhouse Steak

This is usually mistaken for the T-bone steak because it also contains both the strip and tenderloin muscles but this cut is bigger compared with the T-bone steak.

Porterhouse Steak

5. Rib Eye Steak

Based on an article on Facts Net, also one of the cuts of steak is the rib eye steak that comes from the rib section of the cattle. It is just a small area but the meat from it is very tender.

Rib Eye Steak - Cuts of Steak

6. Tomahawk Steak

Among the different cuts of steak, the Tomahawk is one of those that give a unique and eye-captivating visual. It is a bone-in rib eye that still has the bone in place.

Tomahawk Steak

7. Sirloin Steak

Coming from the lower back of the cattle, the meat in this cut of steak is less tender and may not be as tasteful as the other cuts.

Sirloin Steak

8. Flat Iron Steak

Based on the article, the flat iron steak comes from the meat that is under the shoulder blade of the cattle. It is also called “top blade steak” and “shoulder top blade steak”.

Flat Iron Steak

9. Chuck Eye Steak

This cut of steak also comes from the shoulder of the cattle but, specifically, the upper shoulder of the cow.

Chuck Eye Steak - Cuts of Steak

10. Flank Steak

Based on the article, this cut of steak is from the belly of the cattle and it is cut parallel to the cow’s muscle fibers.

Flank Steak - Cuts of Steak

11. Eye Fillet

This kind of steak cut comes from the strip of muscle against the backbone or hindquarter of the cattle.

Eye Fillet

12. Hanger Steak

It is the least known among the different cuts of steak and it is the meat from the belly of the cattle.

Hanger Steak - Cuts of Steak

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