12 Types of Sushi – Here’s for the Japanese Food Lovers…

TYPES OF SUSHI – Here is a list of twelve (12) kinds of sushi in Japan that many Japanese food lovers would surely love to know plus their photos.

1. Nigirizushi

This is the most traditional sushi prepared by pressing the rice using the hands. It is usually topped with sashimi.

Nigirizushi - Types of Sushi

2. Makizushi

Undeniably, the makizushi which is rolled sushi is the most popular type of sushi across the globe. It comes in different types and they are a favorite of many people.

Makizushi - Types of Sushi

3. Gunkan sushi

Based on Facts Net, this sushi is rolled like a ship. The nori is rolled around the sushi rice and the other ingredients are placed on top of the rice.

Gunkan Sushi

4. Chirashizushi

One of the types of sushi that is not widely known across the globe is Chirashizushi. It is a bowl of sushi rice with toppings such as salted fish and veggies.


5. Narezushi

This sushi is also called “salted fish” or “matured sushi” is made by preserving fish in rice and salt for months. It is believed to be the oldest type of sushi.


6. Oshizushi

This type of sushi is also made by pressing the rice but chefs use a wooden mold called oshibako in doing it.


7. Sasazushi

One of the few types of sushi that do not use nori is the Sasazushi. Instead, this type of sushi uses dried seaweed.

Sasazushi - Types of Sushi

8. Kakinohazushi

In making this sushi, the chef presses the rice to the shape he wants and tops it with fish and then wraps it using a persimmon leaf.


9. Inarizushi

This type of sushi is usually found in the United States as per the article. It is also stuffed sushi wherein the rice and the fillings are stuffed in tofu pouches that were deep-fried.

Inarizushi - Types of Sushi

10. Chakinzushi

This is another type of stuffed sushi but the difference is that it does not use tofu pouches. Instead, this type of sushi uses paper-thin egg wrap.


11. Sugatazushi

One of the types of sushi that uses whole fish is the Sugatazushi. It is cured fish with the ingredients inside.


12. California Roll

The California Roll is a favorite of a lot of people. It is present not only in Japan but as well as in the United States. Based on the article, it usually contains imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, and sometimes tobiko, or “flying fish roe”.

California Roll - Types of Sushi

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