Elephants are Afraid Of Bees? Here are 10 Trivia about this Huge Animal

ELEPHANTS – It is widely known for being the biggest animal on Earth but do you know that it is actually afraid of bees?

1. They are afraid of bees

Despite its huge size being the biggest animal, an elephant is afraid of bees thus some farmers even use beehives to stop them from coming onto their land.


2. An elephant can recognize itself in a mirror.

There are only a few animals that can recognize themselves in the mirror – an elephant, ape, and dolphin among the said few with self-awareness.


3. It has a heavy trunk but it can pick small pieces.

Based on the article, an elephant’s trunk can weigh 400 pounds but still manage to pick up a single grain of rice.


4. Elephant Appreciation Day

There are certain days every year that are dedicated to appreciating the existence of certain animals. For elephants, the appreciation day for them is September 22.


5. How do they say hello to each other?

Elephants have their own way of communicating with each other. To say hello to another fellow, they hug each other’s trunks.


6. They can have babies even if they are old.

An elephant can still get pregnant and give birth to its babies even if they are 50 years old or 60 years old.


7. An elephant is the mammal with the longest pregnancy period.

Based on the article, an elephant is pregnant for 22 months. Their menstrual cycle lasts from 3 to 4 months.


8. They are born blind.

A baby elephant is born blind and it also sucks its trunk for comfort just like a human baby sucking his thumb.


9. An elephant is very heavy at birth.

An elephant may weigh 260 pounds at birth – very heavy to carry, isn’t it?


10. They are emotional creatures.

Based on the article, elephants are emotional and they grieve the deaths of their family. A mother elephant may drag the dead body of its baby behind for days.


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