Queen Elizabeth II: If the British monarch dies, expect these things to occur

However, it is expected that more codes will be spoken, based on the article in Reader’s Digest. The private secretary of the Queen will use the code words, “London Bridge is down,” to inform the prime minister and the privy council office. Then, the prime minister will host urgent calls with the cabinet secretary, the most senior civil servant, and the senior cabinet. After this, the 15 governments where the queen is head of state and the 39 nations in the rest of the Commonwealth will be informed by the Foreign Office.

This information will be brought out to the public through a press release to the media and regular programming will be interrupted, Gavin Hughes, director of the Irish Conflict Archaeology Network at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies at Trinity College Dublin said adding that the queen’s social media will go black. It is also expected that the social media of other members of the royal family will do the same.

queen elizabeth
Photo credit: Vogue