10 Weird Phobias You May Yet To Know Actually Exist

WEIRD PHOBIAS – Here are ten (10) weird fears that some actually have and they don’t know that it is already a phobia.

1. Somniphobia

It may sound weird but there are individuals who have an unexplainable fear of sleep. They associate sleeping with dying.


2. Caligynephobia

One of the weirdest phobias is the fear of beautiful women or “Caligynephobia”. Most people surely like looking at pretty women. Based on Facts Net, this phobia is also known as “Venustraphobia”.


3. Kathisophobia

Do you have that unexplainable fear when it comes to sitting down? This phobia breeds extreme anxiety of idleness or not doing anything.

Kathisophobia - Weird Phobias

4. Chaetophobia

One of the weird phobias is Chaetophobia or the fear of hair. People who have this may fear even their own hair.

Chaetophobia - Weird Phobias

5. Omphalophobia

This phobia is also a fear of another body part – the belly button. People who have this fear link the belly button with the umbilical cord and the mother’s womb.


6. Geliophobia

Do you hate the chuckling or giggling sound of other people? You might have the fear of laughter or the “Geliophobia”.


7. Plutophobia

Surely one of the weird phobias is Plutophobia, the fear of money. They are afraid of making more money or becoming rich.

Plutophobia - Weird Phobias

8. Siderophobia

Many people love to watch the sky at night because the stars may be visible. In the case of people who have Siderophobia, they fear seeing the stars.

Siderophobia - Weird Phobias

9. Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing or cleaning. Based on the article, this phobia is usually present in children but it can also be present in adults. It is usually a product of traumatic events involving water.

Ablutophobia - Weird Phobias

10. Hylophobia

Trees are among the most common things you can see and fearing them signifies that you have Hylophobia. This fear is usually a product of childhood experiences like the impacts of certain films.


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