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Christine Allado To Sing at Pac-Horn Fight

Christine Allado to Sing at Pacman’s Brisbane Fight CHRISTINE ALLADO – Filipina theater actress and singer Christine Allado will sing the national anthem of the Philippines before the fight of Senator Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Pacquiao against Jeff Horn would start. Based on a recent report in ABS-CBN News, Christine Allado, who is based in London, already [...]

15 Tallest NBA

15 Tallest NBA Ballers Despite how rampant the notion that ‘height does not matter’ is, still there are people who takes height as a very big deal. It could be because their desired profession requires it or to scare away height insecurities. In basketball, height is a factor. Do you have any idea of the [...]

Top 15

Top 15 Highest Paid Sports Athletes The top 15 highest-paid sports athlete across the world don’t just earn thousands, they earn millions. They don’t just have it in minimal currencies, they are having it in dollars. While other people have their spotlight in the television as hosts or acting stars, there are people who are [...]

Fascinating Facts About Michael Phelps You probably have known some facts about Michael Phelps; his personal life, his swimming career. But what you might not know is that, he possessed extraordinary abilities that qualifies him to be called an incredible aquatic creature who is likely a descendant of Poseidon or some other type of water gods. With his recent victory [...]

With the 2016 Summer Olympics heating up, let’s take a look at those unbelievable historical facts about the event. 1. The First Olympics athlete to be publicly announced disqualified for the use of performing enhancing drugs was Sweden’s Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall. He was a pentathlete at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico who lost his bronze [...]

The 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro is drawing near and everyone’s excited to witness the major international multi-sport event. Sports enthusiasts are looking forward to watch their favorite games and players, but there are others (especially girls) who are eager to keep an eye on some of the most gorgeous male athletes from [...]

World Records Dude Perfect

You have already seen many amazing and sometimes unbelievable things done by people. Many of these performances were done to break or create world records that are really astonishing including the world’s highest basketball shot. Recently, a group of famous YouTubers called Dude Perfect uploaded a video showing how they created a number of world [...]

Many of us just love doing exciting ad thrilling activities. Have you tried skateboarding before? Well, youngsters just love doing this thing. And some have just taken this sport seriously and became professionals. Recently, a video shared by the YouTube channel BeyondSlowMotion shows skateboarders gliding in exploding colors. As these guys pass the colorful powder [...]

People just love different kinds of sports. From basketball, boxing, soccer to baseball and others, many are just going crazy for their sport. As fans of sports like soccer or football, fans go to stadiums just to chant and support their loved teams. These soccer players trains really hard just to have that awaited goal. [...]

Basketball is such an extremely popular sport in the world. Fans around the world are just going crazy in support for their loved teams. The National Basketball Association in America is the most influential basketball authorities worldwide. It is the home of legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Speaking of this two, what do [...]