Trivia about Black Bear – What You Should Know about these Bears

TRIVIA ABOUT BLACK BEAR – Here are some interesting facts about the black bear that many people do not know yet

1. They only live on two continents.

Amid the popularity of the black bears across the globe, they only live in two (2) continents – North America and Asia. There are black bears in Canada and the United States.

Trivia about Black Bear

2. Black bears got big paws.

Based on Facts Net, the paws of black bears can measure up to 10 inches long while their head alone can reach up to 13 inches long.

3. How about their weight?

The weight of male and female black bears may vary. The male black bear could be around 154 kilograms while the female black bear can weigh an average of 106 kilograms.

Trivia about Black Bear

4. Black bears can run fast.

One of the trivia about black bear is that it can run 48 kilometers per hour.

Black bears

5. Asian black bears are legally protected.

Based on the article, China’s National Protection Wildlife Law, India’s Wildlife Protection Law, and Japan’s Environmental Agency protect black bears.

Black bears

6. Some people are scared of American black bears.

There were incidents and reports of American black bears attacking humans thus many people avoid getting too close to them.

Black bears

7. They attack livestock.

Based on the article, when plants could no longer feed them, black bears may attack livestock like goats, pigs, and sheep that were left on pasture.

Trivia about Black Bear

8. Asian black bears can be tamed.

Another trivia about black bear is that Asian black bears can be tame and they are actually the preference of traditional entertainers for performances because of their intelligence.

Black bears

9. Do you know Terrible Ted?

Based on the article, an American black bear named Terrible Ted went popular in the 20th Century after he defeated 500 professional wrestlers in wrestling matches.

Black bears

10. What are the differences between Asian and American black bears?

They look very similar but the white patches on the chest point to Asian black bears while American black bears have thicker fur in their paws.

Trivia about Black Bear

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