Trivia about Mantis Shrimp – Get Ready to be Amazed by this Rare Creature

TRIVIA ABOUT MANTIS SHRIMP – Many people are not familiar with mantis shrimp and it is an edge to know more about this rare marine creature.

1. They are beautiful but deadly.

Mantis shrimp which can be found in tropical and subtropical waters come with very vibrant and attractive colors but they can be deadly with a spike of their sharp claws.

Trivia about Mantis Shrimp

2. They are “thumb splitters”.

Based on an article on Fact Animal, if not handled properly by humans, they can inflict painful gashes with a striking force.

Split Thumb

3. Mantis shrimp can be nocturnal.

This marine creature which can usually be found in U-shaped burrows at the base of the coral reefs can be active during the day but may also be nocturnal.

Trivia about Mantis Shrimp

4. Some of them are “spearers” while others are “smashers”.

Mantis shrimp that are spearers use their spiny appendages and barbed tips to attack their prey while smashers got their club-like appendages to smash their prey.

Mantis shrimp Spearer

5. Smashers can punch at the same velocity as a gunshot.

They have spring-loaded fists that can accelerate at more than 50 mph releasing a force of more than 1,500 newtons.

Mantis shrimp smasher

6. Mantis shrimp can punch holes in aquarium glass.

The strength of smashers mantis shrimp is so strong that they can make holes in aquariums.

Mantis shrimp

7. They are not actually shrimp or mantis.

Based on the article, the mantis shrimp is not related to the praying mantis, an insect, or to shrimp, another marine creature.

Trivia about Mantis Shrimp

8. Where do their eyes located?

Mantis shrimp got their eyes on the long stalks of this marine crustacean that can move independently. They have trinocular vision meaning they can focus at the same time on three separate regions.

Trivia about Mantis Shrimp

9. They can detect cancer cells.

One of the trivia about mantis shrimp is that they can detect cancer cells as found by researchers from the University of Queensland. They can also detect the activity of neurons.

Mantis shrimp

10. They are older than dinosaurs.

Mantis shrimp is older than dinosaurs and they may have existed 170 million years before the existence of dinosaurs.

Trivia about Mantis Shrimp

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