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pokemon real life

Pokemon – The release of Pokémon Go really became a craze in just a few days. Since its first release by Nintendo and being a cartoon series, Pokémon just became a hit to all ages. Now, with the technology today, the famous mobile game has been created to an augmented reality. It means that the [...]

Horses are among the most amazing animals in the world. Not only that they are used as a form of transportation, they also helped in building the world. These horses comes in completely different shapes, colors, and sizes. No wonder why people, young and old, becomes excited everytime they see a horse upclose. Now here [...]

Humans have been given the responsibility to look after everything in this world. Yes, everything. But, a sad fact can be seen as humans became the most destructive organisms on the planet. Still, there are people who are raising awareness on taking care of the planet, including animals. Animals are commonly found together with humans [...]

There is so many surprises in nature that will surely amaze you. Japan is one place in the world wherein preservation of nature is being implemented strictly. And the result, amazing magical forests and fauna. Every summer, there is a magical event wherein thousands of fireflies come and one a place and there, mate. Photographers [...]


Having a pet could be one of the most amazing things to experience. According to studies, having pets like dogs and cats could help in relieving stress in life.   Dogs, in general, are known to be sweet and playful to their masters and to people they recognize. Dogs are also known for their loyalty [...]

horse jam

Horses are among the animals that really changed the way the world moved through the years. Horses have been used in different transportation purposes which made the life of people easier. Like other animals, horses can be playful at times. This is what a video of a horse and its owner have shown when the [...]


Animals have instincts to protect its territory every time an invader comes in. No wonder why humans do this, too! They really protect their territory by being aggressive to the invaders. In a now going viral video, a lion was seen trying to pounce a little boy. Thanks for the glass the protects the boy. [...]

parrot activates siri

The means of communication just got better and better through the years. Things just got easier for all. The innovation of smartphones just conquered the world and almost everyone has it. Among the most commonly used smartphone today is Apple’s iPhone. Not only one can do multi-tasks there, but also, things are easier with Siri [...]

shark egg

There are many things in this world that many people still do not understand. Most of these are from the animal kingdom. There are just so many unique things that people do not know about these creatures. Have you see a shark egg before? Well, if you don’t, you’ll surely be surprised on how it [...]

wild icelandic horses

Travel can really be one great experience for a lifetime. In travelling, one can really discover the great things life in other places with different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Not only that, one would know other people from a different place. Iceland is an island country in Europe. There, dramatic volcanic landscapes, hot springs, and [...]